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The Procter&Gamble (P&G) cosmetics brand Pantene announced in late April that it has started producing its shampoo and conditioner bottles primarily from plant-based plastic.

The plastic for the bottles is Braskem’s sugarcane-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It consumes over 70% less fossil fuels and releases over 170% less greenhouse gases per tonne than traditional petroleum-based plastic, said P&G’s press release.

The packaging will initially hit Western European markets and retailers over the summer and autumn of 2011. Over the next two years, Pantene plans to expand with the new bottles to the rest of the world.

P&G aims to replace 25% of petroleum-based materials with sustainably sourced renewable materials by 2020. In the long term, the company envisages to use 100% renewable or recycled materials for all its products.